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Ingeniería Inversa

Bombas Warman

Lifting the key parts in an old equipment, for its manufacture

Metro de Santiago

Renew the Vía appliances, performing a Reengineering.


Minera Spence

Installation of dust collectors, in the building of the Secondary Crusher

Ingeniería Inversa

Minera Escondida

Renew the Vía appliances, performing a Reengineering.


Dust Collectors

Minera Spence needed to install dust collectors in the first level of secondary crushing building, according to this requirement two companies presented their proposals and Omega Services was asked to perform a simulation of both proposals, first to evaluate which proposal worked best with the equipment already in operation and offering a better solution to the client's need, and second, simulate the installation of the chosen proposal, considering the interferences and elements necessary to plan the procedure. As a result, the client informed that they carried out the assembly in 36 hours less than planned and without details to correct.

Martes 26 de Septiembre 2017


Ingeniería Inversa

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